Sheffield Walking Tours

Tour availability

Please find on this page, information on my availability for my scheduled morning Sheffield City walking tour. If you are making a special journey to take part on one of my tours, I recommend contacting me a few days before doing so, to let me have your contact details.

Please note, that I do not sub contract my tours out to other tour providers. On occasion a group of customers may book my morning tour in advance and no spare places will be available. Additionally, there are occasions when I am not available due to holidays, illness, family issues, transport issues, unforseen events and circumstances beyond my control. On occasion I do not operate tours during periods of extreme weather when the UK Met Office has issued weather warnings of weather conditions, which would make it unsafe to do so. Additionally, I also do not operate tour if advised not to do so by Sheffield City Council or South Yorkshire Police to public safety concerns.

Where possible, I aim to provide a list of dates when I am not available on this page. In unusual circumstances due to events beyond my control a tour may be cancelled without notice but this is only in exceptional circumstances.

I also normally when possible post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @sheffieldtours about tour availability.


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